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HackerRank Challenge Solver

This is a small program I put together to solve the "SpaceX" challenges on

You can access these challenges manually by signing up/in and using the challenge <N> command. Currently, challenges 1 - 10,000 can be solved with this program.

This program requests a challenge, solves it, then submits the answer.

It uses environment variables, HACKERRANK_USERNAME and HACKERRANK_PASSWORD to login and obtain a session.


With Leinigen installed, you can solve challenges in batches by running the command:

 HACKERRANK_USERNAME=<username> HACKERRANK_PASSWORD=<password> lein run -m hackerrank.httpsolver 1 10

This will solve 10 challenges, starting at challenge 1.

After the command finishes, you could change the last two arguments to 11 and 1000 to solve thte next 1000 challenges.


I am still learning Clojure and this code probably isn't the best example. You have been warned.


Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.