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PDV (phpDocumentor for Vim)

Version: 1.0.1

Copyright 2005 by Tobias Schlitt Inspired by phpDoc script for Vim by Vidyut Luther (

Provided under the GPL (

This script provides functions to generate phpDocumentor conform documentation blocks for your PHP code. The script currently documents:

  • Classes
  • Methods/Functions
  • Attributes

All of those supporting all PHP 4 and 5 syntax elements.

Beside that it allows you to define default values for phpDocumentor tags like @version (I use $id$ here), @author, @license and so on.

For function/method parameters and attributes, the script tries to guess the type as good as possible from PHP5 type hints or default values (array, bool, int, string...).

You can use this script by mapping the function PhpDoc() to any key combination. Hit this on the line where the element to document resides and the doc block will be created directly above that line.