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List of newsrooms around the world that are using software engineering, data science, osint, and various tech to elevate reporting.
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Awesome Newsroom Tech Awesome

This is a curated list of awesome newsrooms around the world that are using software engineering, data science, big data, osint, blockchain, and more to elevate reporting. If you want to contribute a newsroom or clarify information on the list, please open either an issue or a fork and make a pull request with the name of the newsroom, links to their source code and site, and projects (ongoing, past) that are using tech in the newsroom.

Note: This list is intended to be alphabetical by newsroom name so please add in alphabetical order.


BBC News Labs

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News Labs is the BBC's innovation team. They work on large-scale projects and prototypes with an emphasis on hypothesis-driven investigations. A look-back on work accomplished in 2018 can be found here.

BuzzFeed News

Data Journalism

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BuzzFeed News has an investigations team that uses data to report. The team is comprised of journalists who are also data scientists and software engineers. They also consult on data-driven stories. BuzzFeed News keeps a list of all projects where they've used tech in reporting.

Tech News Working Group

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BuzzFeed News also has the Tech News Working Group, a group of SREs, SWEs, data scientists and product managers that support day-to-day consulting on stories and work on larger ongoing projects. They maintain a running list of stories consulted on.



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FiveThirtyEight keeps a running record of code for graphics and analysis on their site. On occasion, they will also share complete datasets.

LA Times


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LA Times data desk produces "analysis, applications and automation from a team of reporters and computer programmers in the Los Angeles Times newsroom", including all of their interactive graphics for articles.


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LA Times keeps open source datasets at For example, they have a spreadsheet tracking decades of allegations against the boyscouts here.


News Apps

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Propublica hosts a collection of wide-ranging applications, graphics, tools, and databases on News Apps.

Spotlight PA

Digital-First Journalism

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From their website: "Digital-first journalism means we make all of our editorial decisions based on the best way to reach modern-day readers online and in the forms and formats they like most for consuming news. While some of our stories will take the traditional, narrative form, we’ll seek to innovate using data and visual tools to create new, interesting and engaging storytelling forms. And we won’t be afraid to experiment."

Texas Tribune

News Apps, Graphics, & Databases

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From their site: "The Tribune is an authoritative source for providing user-friendly databases of public information. Our reporters and software engineers collaborate to present a full picture for readers, giving them the tools to be more thoughtful, productive and engaged citizens. We also use data to help tell other compelling stories about politics and policy in Texas."

The Atlantic

City Lab

Generic badge

City Lab uses data visualization to tell the story of urban spaces and transit. Code can be found at theatlantic/citylab-data.

The Markup

Data Reporting

Generic badge

The Markup is a much anticipated new news venture where work is scientific and data-driven in nature. The Markup's entire concept is pairing data science and software experts with investigative reporters. Looking forward to their first publication.

The New York Times

Interactive Team

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The Times Interactive Team is a digital projects team embedded within The NYT newsroom. The work on services that aid reporting, wrangle data for stories, and work on graphics and ways to present data.

Provenance Project

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The News Provenance Project is "a research initiative that will examine how new technologies can potentially inform industry-wide solutions." Namely, they are looking to use blockchain technology to record and share metadata about media.

The Upshot

Generic badge

A data-driven team focussing on wide-ranging statistical analysis.

R & D

Generic badge

TK: description needed

The Seattle Times

Data-Driven Reporting

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The Seattle Times uses graphics and data to drive reporting on an array of issues.

The Washington Post

2020 Election Team

This is a Jeremy Bowers-lead team at TWP dedicated to tech for the 2020 election. It is a computational R & D lab tasked with building tools to aid journalism ahead of the election.


Quartz AI Studio

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From their site: "The Quartz AI Studio is an effort by Quartz to help journalists use machine learning in their reporting. This work is funded by a grant from Knight Foundation."

Vox Media

Digital Storytelling

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A product that helps build "packages" of similar stories, each with its own editor and front-facing tools.

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