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✅ A Vue.js composition API function to validate forms


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⚠ Deprecated. ⚠

This project will be continued in the future releases of vee-validate starting with vee-validate@4 which will come with Vue.js 3 support.

This is a Vue composition API function that allows you to do form validation, powered by vee-validate.


⚠ Not production ready yet. ⚠

yarn add vue-use-form

# OR

npm i vue-use-form


In your component file:

import { ref } from '@vue/composition-api';
import { useForm, useField } from 'vue-use-form';

export default {
  setup() {
    const fname = ref('');
    const { form, submit } = useForm({
      onSubmit () {
        console.log('Submitting!', {
          fname: fname.value

    const { errors } = useField('firstName', {
      rules: 'required',
      value: fname,

    return { fname, errors, submit };

In your Template:

<form @submit.prevent="submit">
  <input v-model="fname">
  <span>{{ errors[0] }}</span>



The useForm function accepts options to configure the form.

const { form, submit } = useForm({
  onSubmit () {
    // this will only run when the form is valid.
    // send to server!

It returns an object containing two properties:

  • form: A form controller object, which can be used with useField to associate fields in the same form.
  • submit: A safe form submit handler to bind to your submission handler, it will validate all the fields before it runs the given onSubmit handler.

useField(string, string | object)

The useField function accepts a string which is the input name, and options to configure the field:

const field = useField('firstName', {
  rules: 'required', // vee-validate style rules, can be a Ref<string>.
  value: fname, // the initial field value, optional.
  form // a form controller object returned from "useForm", used to group fields. optional.

It returns the following members:

Prop Type Description
flags ValidationFlags Object containing vee-validate flags for that field.
errors string[] list of validation errors
validate () => ValidationResult Triggers validation for the field.
reset () => void Resets validation state for the field.
onInput () => void Updates some flags when the user inputs, you should bind it to the element.
onBlur () => void Updates some flags when the user focuses the field, you should bind it to the element.
value Ref<string> A default ref in-case you didn't pass the initial value