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@haf haf released this Apr 8, 2018 · 636 commits to master since this release

I'm happy to announce Logary v5!

This is the culmination of 2 years of development and improvements to make Logary the very best logging and metric library! A big thanks goes out to @lust4life for his contributions towards this release.

This release is stable, but may require some fixes as we start to test it under load. Hence the beta tag.

Core: Fully support both .Net Core and .Net FW, thanks @haf
Core: Completely new internals with very similar public API, thanks @lust4life, @haf
Core: Logary is now a simple stream processing library with a processing step, responsible for filtering, sorting, grouping, munging and hugging Message values as they flow past, and finally choosing what target they end up in. Thanks to @haf for starting and @lust4life for completing this large piece of functionality. This also means the Rule API has changed.
Core: Message.value is now a string, use the addGauge family of functions to add gauges to it
Core: Move RuntimeInfo into TargetAPI interface, thanks @haf
Core: Map2 -> HashMap2, thanks to @mrange for the data structure—see for details. We expect this to lead to fewer allocations and a faster library. Thanks @haf for building it into Logary. (see Logary.Message)
Core: Message.fields -> Message.{context,setField,tryGetField}. You can also use Message.Patterns to pattern-match over all possible types of values that can be in the context, when iterating over them. Thanks @lust4life, @haf
Core: Use TypeShape instead of arbitrary reflection to destructure objects, thanks @lust4life, @haf and @eiriktsarpalis for creating the library in the first place. (see Logary.Internals.TypeShape.{Core,Utils})
Core: Uses @neoeinstein's Chiron 7 from for all JSON-oriented tasks. Thanks @lust4life for getting this started. (see Logary.Internals.Chiron)
Core: Upgraded Aether (under Logary.Internals.Aether)
Core: Console target now writes single-lines only. Thanks @lust4life, @haf
Core: Literate console target is much better off with improvements across the board, thanks @adamchester
Core: Logary targets are now restarted with a Supervisor, which doubles as a generic Hopac-job/alt supervisor. Thanks to @neoeinstein for the initial implementation, to @lust4life for integrating it and to @haf for testing and stabilising and bugfixing it.
Core: Logary targets now have access to a Will abstraction, should they choose to crash. The will will be sent back to the target on reinstantiation. Thanks @haf
Core: Logary targets can now specify a Policy of how they should be restarted on failure. By default (createSimple used), they are restarted with exponential backoff, forever.
Core: How Rule works has been changed, see #274 (comment)
Core: Logary is now dual licensed to promote real open source projects and contributors to them. See
Core: Added license-check on start
Core: FsFormatting and JSON formatting now does cyclic reference tracking.
Core: Added Codec concept, which takes either a string or a chunk of a byte array and converts it to a Message. Thanks @haf and to @tradera for sponsoring this change.
Core: Added these codecs: plain (straight to Message.value), json (destructures to Message with a best-effort analysis of the contents), binary (for FsPickler based inputs) and log4jXML (from appenders with, thanks @haf Also see the Rutta section below for details about these.
Config: Support for custom JSON formatters, thanks @lust4life, @haf
Config: Support for custom Literate destructurers, projectors, thanks @lust4life
Config: Support for URI-based configuration of targets, see Logary.Configuration.Uri, thanks @haf
Metrics: New method for tick-based metrics—see examples. Thanks @lust4life
Metrics: Added methods for timing Jobs and Alts, thanks @haf
Metrics: Support pretty-printing gauges like 2.3 days or 1.616 µs, thanks @haf
Metrics: The new Processing feature (@lust4life) together with Reservoirs and Snapshot values (@haf) lets you create histograms in Logary, on the fly.
Facade: Bump to v3 with Gauge containing float.
Build: Move to FAKE, remove Albacore, thanks @haf
Build: Run all targets' tests as part of build, thanks @haf
Docs: README has been mostly updated to the new API, thanks @lust4life, @haf
Docs: README now has support for letting Logary remember the last N messages and batch-sending all remembered message to M targets upon a trigger, like getting an Error message.
Docs: Samples have been updated to the new API, thanks @lust4life, @haf
Targets: The StackDriver target has been rewritten, bumped to latest versions of the SDK and has gotten batching added. Thanks to @tradera for sponsoring this change and @haf for implementing it.
Targets: The InfluxDB target has been rewritten and has a leaner and meaner mapping from the new Message structure of Logary into tags (from context values, Logary tags) and fields (from gauges, and fields). It will now default to the value={..} syntax if you log a single gauge, with the logger + gauge as the measurement name. If you log multiple gauges, each gauge is put as a separate field value and the measurement is your logger's name. Furthermore, gauges are also formatted when sent. For the full specification, please see (under nameGauges), thanks @haf.
Targets: All targets have been upgraded to their latest versions of their respective libraries. This includes HTTP.fs—HTTP-based targets have been updated to use the compositional/filter-based approach to composing HTTP requests. Thanks @haf See for an example
Targets: I (@haf/@logibit) have open sourced the Mixpanel and OpsGenie targets and updated their implementations to be even better, including batch-processing of messages: however, they are still licenced commercially no matter where they are running. Be honest now, dear user!
Rutta: Added Argu and commands for easier usage and AppSettings-based configuration, thanks @haf, @tradera
Rutta: Fix TopShelf API to be style-ideomatic, thanks @haf, @tradera
Rutta: Added UDP ingestion, thanks @haf, @tradera
Rutta: Added HTTP ingestion, thanks @haf, @tradera
Rutta: Added ZMQ STREAM/TCP ingestion, thanks @haf, @tradera
Rutta: Added support for spawning multiple listeners, thanks @haf, @tradera
Rutta: Added support for specifying a codec for each listener. All of the above can now look like this to spawn a few different listeners, codecs and ingestion methods, together with the URI-based config improvement: rutta.exe router --listener tcp json --listener tcp log4jxml --listener udp plain --target console://./ --target stackdriver://google/?projectId=my-project --verbose In effect, this means you can run Rutta as a side-car to e.g. a docker container, in e.g. UDP mode, thereby increasing stability and letting non-.Net services, or C# services log into Logary and its targets. In the above case, we can configure the UDP output appender from log4net and have Rutta ingest that and either: send it to a target (the router command), proxy to another rutta instance (the proxy command) or poll system metrics or other persistent gauges where it is running (the shipper command). Thanks to @haf for coding and @tradera for sponsoring.
C# API and C# Facade: Carries over from v4. Thanks to Lynx Asset Management for sponsoring it.

Enjoy the new APIs!

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