v4.0.280 – bugfix and Facade release

@haf haf released this Dec 6, 2016 · 48 commits to master since this release

In this release I've made the following improvements:

  • A fully fledged and tested C# facade is done
  • The Facade (F# and C#) now tries to map units when they are in their base forms
  • New docs for the C# facade
  • Despite being changed, the F# Facade is backwards compatible; a new field Literals.FacadeVersion will control the API that the adapter binds to from now on
  • A memory leak was found and fixed in InfluxDB's target, due to a use statement not going out of scope due to indended tail-recursion (but the use-statement stopped the tail recursion, so memory is slowly increasing in previous versions)
  • Updating examples for the new facade API
  • Bumping RabbitMQ.Client dependency