[Ring SDK Android] How to join the public beta test

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Ring SDK for Android is now under public beta testing. This document describes how to join the test and to get the SDK library.

To use Ring SDK for Android, you must obtain both the official Ring App(Beta) and Ring SDK for Android library by following way.

1. Join Ring Android SDK Group on Google Groups

To obtain the official Ring App(Beta), you must join the public Ring Android SDK Group. Once you have joined to the group, the official Ring App(Beta) will be distributed to you instead of the product version of Ring App by Google Play Store.

2. Install the official Ring App(Beta) through Google Play Store

You can download the beta version app from Ring App beta testing page.
The app allows another application to communicate the Ring device through SDK. The Beta version has also the same functions to product version. Note that if you already have the Ring App, the existing Ring App will be overwritten by the beta version.

3. Download the SDK library.

The SDK library can be downloaded here.

For more details and how to use the SDK, see About Ring SDK for Android