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Gem Version

Using fluent-plugin-logdna, you can send the logs you collect with Fluentd to LogDNA.


  • Install Fluentd
  • gem install fluent-plugin-logdna or td-agent-gem install fluent-plugin-logdna if you are using td-agent.
  • Add the contents below to /etc/fluent/fluent.conf. For td-agent, use /etc/td-agent/td-agent.conf:
<match your_match>
  @type logdna
  api_key xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx        # paste your api key here (required)
  hostname "#{Socket.gethostname}"           # your hostname (required)
  app my_app                                 # replace with your app name
  #mac C0:FF:EE:C0:FF:EE                     # optional mac address
  #ip                              # optional ip address
  buffer_chunk_limit 1m                      # do not increase past 10m (10MB) or your logs will be rejected by our server.
  flush_at_shutdown true                     # only needed with file buffer
  • Restart fluentd to pick up the configuration changes.

Recommended Configuration Parameters

  • buffer_type
    • We recommend setting this to memory for development and file for production (file setting requires a buffer_path).
  • buffer_queue_limit, buffer_chunk_limit
    • We do not recommend increasing buffer_chunk_limit past 10MB.
  • flush_interval
    • Default is 60s. We recommend keeping this well above 5s.
  • retry_wait, max_retry_wait, retry_limit, disable_retry_limit
    • We recommend increasing these values if you are encountering problems.


  • App name and log level can also be provided on a line-by-line basis over JSON:
  • _app and level will override the config

If you don't have a LogDNA account, you can create one on or if you're on macOS w/Homebrew installed:

brew cask install logdna-cli
logdna register <email>
# now paste the api key above

LogDNA Pay-per-gig Pricing

Our paid plans start at $1.25/GB per month, pay for what you use / no fixed data buckets / all paid plans include all features.

Additional Options

For advanced configuration options, please refer to the buffered output parameters documentation.

Questions or concerns? Contact