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The LogDNA CLI allows you to signup for a new account and tail your server logs right from the command line.
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The LogDNA CLI allows you to sign up for a new account and tail your logs right from the command line.

Getting Started


Download the LogDNA CLI installer for Mac.

Alternatively install via brew cask:

brew cask update
brew cask install logdna-cli


To install on Windows, using chocolatey:

choco install logdna


For Ubuntu/Debian:

sudo wget -qO /tmp/logdna-cli.deb && sudo dpkg -i /tmp/logdna-cli.deb

For RHEL/CentOS:

sudo wget -qO /tmp/logdna-cli.rpm && sudo rpm -ivh /tmp/logdna-cli.rpm

From Source

Follow these quick instructions to run the LogDNA CLI from source:

git clone
cd logdna-cli
npm install

# help
node index.js --help

# login using one of commands below
node index.js login
node index.js ssologin

Building Binaries

To build the cli, ensure you have nexe installed. This packages the LogDNA CLI as a native executable with the node.js runtime bundled. This will automatically build the runtime from source.


Ensure you have a native C++ compiler installed.


Ensure you have Visual Studio 2015 or newer installed.


Ensure you have Xcode 7 or newer installed.

Creating the binary

To start the build:

grunt build

This takes a bit of time and will output a binary at ./logdna (or .\logdna.exe if on Windows). For the initial build, majority of time will be spent building node.js. Subsequent builds will be much faster as node.js would've already been built.

Packaging Binaries


sudo gem install fpm
sudo yum install rpm-build createrepo
sudo yum --enablerepo=epel install dpkg-devel dpkg-dev
grunt linux

This will output the deb and yum files to the root of the repo.


Install chocolatey. Then do:

grunt windows

This will output the chocolatey package under .\.builds\windows.


gem install fpm
grunt mac

This will output the pkg file to the root of the repo. Signing will likely fail since we typically sign it with our Apple Developer key, but the package should still be usable, just unsigned.


Command Description
logdna register [email] Register a new LogDNA account
logdna ssologin Log in to a LogDNA via single sign-on
logdna login [email] Log in to LogDNA
logdna tail [options] [query] Live tail with optional filtering. Options include -h, -a, -l, -t to filter by hosts, apps, levels or tags respectively. Run logdna tail --help to learn more.
logdna switch If your login has access to more than one account, this command allows you to switch between them
logdna search [options] [query] Basic search with optional filtering. Run logdna search --help for options.
logdna info Show current logged in user info
logdna update Update the CLI to the latest version


# Register
$ logdna register

# Login
$ logdna login

# Tail
$ logdna tail '("timed out" OR "connection refused") -request'
$ logdna tail -a access.log 500
$ logdna tail -l error,warn

# Search
$ logdna search "logdna cli" -a logdna.log -t tag1,tag2 -n 300
$ logdna search "logdna" --from 1541100040931 --to 1541102940000

# Other
$ logdna info
$ logdna update

# Switch organization
$ logdna switch

> 1: ACME (active)
> 2: Strickland Propane
> Choose account [1-2]:


Contributions are always welcome. See the contributing guide to learn how you can help.

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