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Enabling easy and informative logging from client to server
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General Information

This API is designed to enable easy logging to and from a server and clients. It was developed as part of a college project (see the repository here or the hosted implementation here) and the functionality was extracted to make this API.


  • Can log to a specific session or to all sessions
  • Can log from server to client or vice-versa
  • Log messages include severity
  • Previously logged messages for a session are stored so they can be viewed in any new instance of that sesison
  • Exceptions in the program are automatically logged
  • Severe messages log to all sessions
  • Includes example client-side implementation
  • Easy to filter
  • Works with existing java.util.logging.Level levels


This API uses the javax.websocket, javax.servlet.http, and org.json libraries, as well as the Apache commons-lang3 library.