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<!-- 3,index=2,next,fn-in,charset=utf-8,sections+,minitoc<,html -->
<meta name="src" content="clm.tex">
<meta name="date" content="2012-04-12 16:57:00">
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="clm.css">
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="cltl2ed.css"></head><body
<!--l. 7--><p class="noindent" > <div id="main_container"> <div id="content"> <div id="toplinks"><tt>&#x003C;</tt><a
href="clmli7.html" >Назад</a><tt>&#x003E;</tt><tt>&#x003C;</tt><a
href="clmli7.html#tailclmli7.html" >Назад-и-вниз</a><tt>&#x003E;</tt><tt>&#x003C;</tt><a
href="clm.html#clmli8.html" >Наверх</a><tt>&#x003E;</tt></div><h2 class="likechapterHead"><a
href="clm.html#QQ2-193-516" id="x193-491000C">Colophon</a></h2><div class="likechapterTOCS">
<!--l. 11--><p class="indent" > Camera-ready copy for this book was created by the author (using <span class="TEX">T<span
<span class="LATEX">L<span class="A">A</span><span class="TEX">T<span
class="E">E</span>X</span></span>, and <span class="TEX">T<span
class="E">E</span>X</span> macros written by the author), proofed on an Apple
LaserWriter II, and printed on a Linotron 300 at Advanced Computer
Graphics. The text of the first edition was converted from Scribe format to
<span class="TEX">T<span
class="E">E</span>X</span> format by a throwaway program written in Common Lisp. The diagrams in
chapter 12 were generated automatically as PostScript code (by a program
written in Common Lisp) and integrated into the text by Textures, an
implementation of <span class="TEX">T<span
class="E">E</span>X</span> by Blue Sky Research for the Apple Macintosh
<!--l. 20--><p class="indent" > The body type is 10-point Times Roman. Chapter titles are in ITC
Eras Demi; running heads and chapter subtitles are in ITC Eras Book.
The monospace typeface used for program code in both displays and
running text is 8.5-point Letter Gothic Bold, somewhat modified by the
author through TEX macros for improved legibility. The accent grave (<tt>‘</tt>),
accent acute(<tt>&#x2019;</tt>), circumflex (<tt>̂</tt>), and tilde (<tt>~</tt>) characters are in 10-point
Letter Gothic Bold and adjusted vertically to match the height of the
8.5-point characters. The hyphen (<tt>-</tt>) was replaced by an en dash (<tt><a
The equals sign (<tt>=</tt>) was replaced by a construction of two em dashes
href="clmse62.html#x79-176002r173">=</a></tt>), one raised and one lowered, the better to match the other relational
characters. The sharp sign (<tt>#</tt>) is overstruck with two hyphens, one raised
and one lowered, to eliminate the vertical gap (<tt>#</tt>). Special mathematical
characters such as square-root signs are in Computer Modern Math. The
typefaces used in this book were digitized by Adobe Systems Incorporated,
except for Computer Modern Math, which was designed by Donald E.
<!--l. 144--><p class="indent" > <div id="bottomlinks"><tt>&#x003C;</tt><a
href="clmli7.html" >Назад</a><tt>&#x003E;</tt><tt>&#x003C;</tt><a
href="clmli7.html#tailclmli7.html" >Назад-и-вниз</a><tt>&#x003E;</tt><tt>&#x003C;</tt><a
href="clmli8.html" >В-начало</a><tt>&#x003E;</tt><tt>&#x003C;</tt><a
href="clm.html#clmli8.html" >Наверх</a><tt>&#x003E;</tt></div><a
id="tailclmli8.html"></a> </div> </div>
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