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A Small portable package manager wrapper



  • git
  • lua5.3
  • lua5.3-dev
  • clang ('make CC=gcc' to use gcc)
  • make
  • pkg-config

Distro specific


Tested on Debian 8 Jessie and Ubuntu 16.04

$ git clone
$ cd tuxc/INSTALL
$ sudo

Arch Linux

$ sudo pacman -Sy git make clang pkg-config lua53

Void Linux

sudo xbps-install -S tuxc 


git clone  
cd tuxc  
make install  



$ cd tuxc/INSTALL
$ sudo ./

Arch Linux

$ cd tuxc
$ sudo make uninstall

Void Linux

$ sudo xbps-remove tuxc


Usage: tux [options] [packages]

[Options]       [Description]

i  | install    Install Package(s)
ri | reinstall  Reinstall Package(s)
r  | remove     Remove Package(s)
s  | search     Search for Packages
p  | purge      Remove package(s) and associated files
u  | upgrade    Perform System Upgrade
c  | clean      Clean Package Cache
su | sup        Sync and Upgrade  

Creating templates

If you are using a distribution that Tuxc does not support, a blank template is provided to add support.

Simply edit the 'custom_template' file in /usr/share/tuxc/package_managers

searchCommand = ""  
syncCommand = ""  
installCommand = ""  
reinstallCommand = ""  
removeCommand = ""  
purgeCommand = ""  
upgradeCommand = ""  

Fill out the template according to your package manager's commands and save the file in the /usr/share/tuxc/package_managers/<pkgmanagername>

Where 'pkgmanagername' is replaced with the name of your package manager such as as 'apt-get',pacman, xbps-install etc

Make sure you use the actual command name as tuxc will match the filenames of templates to those contained in /usr/bin