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Logging To Logentries from Jelastic

You can find official documentation on Logentries at

To setup the Logentries plugin in your Jelastic app, please follow these few steps.


In the downloads section, download le_jelastic-1.0.2.jar and place it in the /lib folder of your environment via Jelastic UI.

You can find this by clicking the config button on your environments options.

Then using the Jelastic UI, add the following 3 lines to your web.xml. This can either be your global web.xml found in /server of your environment, or in your apps web.xml found in /webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/


Next you must download the library which contains the Tailer class used in our plugin.

This can be found here

and place the jar file in the same /lib folder as le_jelastic-1.0.2.jar

Config files

To configure the plugin with your app, download the logentries.cfg file from the Downloads Section and upload it to your environments /home folder through the Jelastic UI.

If you open this config file, you will see a list of options, currently it contains the config for each Jelastic environment. Pending which environment you are using, remove all other lines.

Create logfiles on Logentries

The last step is to create the logfiless on Logentries. For this, you must go back to the Logentries UI, create a new host with the name Jelastic for example, create a new logfile and give it a name representing the Jelastic logfiles. These names are on the left hand side of the logentries.cfg file. When creating the logfile on Logentries, choose Token TCP as the Source Type, a token id will be printed, copy and paste this into your config file where it says FILE_TOKEN beside the appropriate filename. Repeat this step for each log file.

For this plugin to take effect, you need to restart your environment node.


If you encounter problems, change the debug parameter on the first line of your logentries.cfg file to true.

This will print debug messages from our plugin code which should help to solve the issue.

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