A ColdFusion library for communicating with the Loggr API.
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ColdFusion Loggr Agent

Loggr agent to post events. Includes a fluent interface to posting events.


  • Copy the loggr directory to a location accessible by your application
  • Reference the CFC's using the CreateObject function

How To Use

Here's some sample code to get you started...

<!--- creating instance for using fluent syntax --->
<cfset Loggr = CreateObject("component", "loggr.Loggr").init(LOG_KEY, API_KEY)>

<!--- create a simple event --->
<cfset Loggr.Events.Create()
			.Text("Simple fluent event")

<!--- more complex event --->
<cfset world = "World">
<cfset Loggr.Events.Create()
		 	.Text("Hello, {1}. Welcome to {2}!", world, "Loggr")
		 	.Tags("tag1 tag2 tag3")

<!--- trace an exception --->
	<cfthrow type="MyApp.Exception" message="Test Exception">
	<cfcatch type="any">
		<cfset Loggr.Events.CreateFromException(cfcatch).Text("Exception").Post()>

<!--- alternatively you can use a non-fluent syntax --->
<cfset LogClient = CreateObject("component", "loggr.LogClient").init(LOG_KEY, API_KEY)>

<!--- create a simple event --->
<cfset ev = CreateObject("component", "loggr.Event")>
<cfset ev.Text = "Simple non-fluent event">
<cfset LogClient.Post(ev)>

More Information

For more information check out our docs site http://docs.loggr.net