Babel plugin using `react-hot-api` to add hot reloading to `React.createClass` and all classes with a `render` method.
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This plugin is no longer maintained.

Please use babel-plugin-react-transform and react-transform-hot-reload instead.


Babel plugin using react-hot-api to add hot reloading to React.createClass and all ES6 classes with a render method.

Most of this can be accredited to babel-plugin-react-hotify. This particular repo was made to support the original react-hot-api as a Babel plugin.


jspm install babel-plugin-react-hot=github:loggur/babel-plugin-react-hot


jspm install babel-plugin-react-hot=npm:babel-plugin-react-hot


npm install babel-plugin-react-hot


Simply add the module to either .babelrc or options.plugins for babel.transform. See Babel's plugin docs.

To use this with webpack without manually adding to the bottom of your modules, use webpack-module-hot-accept.