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<!-- Copyright (C) The IETF Trust (2011-2012) -->
<!-- Copyright (C) The Internet Society (2011-2012) -->
<section anchor='sec:ioadvise' title='Support for Application IO Hints'>
Applications can issue client I/O hints via
posix_fadvise() <xref target="ref:posix_fadvise" /> to the NFS client.
While this can help the NFS
client optimize I/O and caching for a file, it does not allow the NFS
server and its exported file system to do likewise.
We add an IO_ADVISE procedure (<xref target='sec:io_advise' />) to communicate the
client file access patterns to the NFS server.
The NFS server upon
receiving a IO_ADVISE operation MAY choose to alter its I/O and
caching behavior, but is under no obligation to do so.
Application specific NFS clients such as those used by hypervisors
and databases can also leverage application hints to communicate
their specialized requirements.
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