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Update the config initializer
BUG: search column count doesn't include unsearchable columns and this
isn't taken into account.
SECURITY: don't rely on iColumns being meaningful or correct us our internal
definition of the table to determine the number of columns. using
the parameter allows the caller to make our code operate out of
PERFORMANCE: if the search string is empty leave that search out of the SQL
don't search for '%%'
#) replace haeding w/ sTitle
#) Provide example of fnRender in the tests for example: It needs to be possible to turn
a boolean field into 'done' or 'not done'.
#) write a script that puts the most recent files into the gem root. it should not include the files that we don't want (e.g. demo_page.css)
#) Need to be able to define default sort ordefault sort orders
#) provide a reset link in so that all the search inputs are cleared
would be nice if it was easily hooked to a keystroke for example
ESC when any of the inputs have the focus
#) allow multiple space separated search values in global search the OR the result
together for each value and each column. So for example having "alice bob" in the search input
would generate a where clause like this...
WHERE (first_name LIKE 'alice' OR first_name LIKE 'bob') OR (other_column LIKE 'alice' OR other_column LIKE 'bob') OR ...
#) release 0.1 (support for rails 3.0)
Advanced search
Date search
#) make it so both global search and individual column searches
support typcasting so that those columns can be searched as
strings, example:
SELECT order_number FROM orders WHERE CAST(order_number as text) LIKE '%123%';
column({'orders.order_number' => {:type => :string, :cast => :text }})
having :cast present would force it to build any where clauses using a type cast
Move all tests into root directory so there can be multiple versions of the example application
Rails 3.1
download as csv/excel
search date ranges
support internationalization (http://www.datatables.net/usage/i18n)
support callbacks (http://www.datatables.net/usage/callbacks)
support all datatable options (http://www.datatables.net/usage/options)
make config more robust (https://github.com/jnicklas/carrierwave/blob/master/lib/carrierwave/uploader/configuration.rb)
reordering columns
lightbox editing
maybe parse the sql?
maybe build the sql from the column definitions?
focus on active relation version