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For RonDB to interact with systemd in a good way we need to
enable graceful shutdown even if it is started using
kill -TERM ndbmtd.

The method in NDB to handle shutdown isn't working very well
since it is hard to know which processes to stop to really
stop ndbmtd. However most use cases can use
killall -TERM ndbmtd
to kill all ndbmtd processes in the VM.
This patch ensures that the above command leads to a graceful
shutdown that completes within 30 seconds.


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May 20, 2021
Jun 23, 2021

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Give a star and make a developer happy

What is RonDB?

RonDB is a stable distribution of NDB Cluster, a key-value store with SQL capabilities. It is based on a release of MySQL, an SQL database server.

Quick start

Coming soon.


License information can be found here. In test packages where this file is renamed README-test, the license file is renamed LICENSE-test. This distribution may include materials developed by third parties. For license and attribution notices for these materials, please refer to the license file.

Who is behind RondDB?

RonDB is brought to you by the RonDB team at Logical Clocks AB and the development team at iClaustron AB.

More information

RonDB is the fastest key-value store with SQL capabilities, available now in the cloud. It’s an open source distribution of NDB Cluster, thus providing the same core technology and performance as NDB, but as a managed platform in the cloud. And also brings large data storage capabilities. RonDB has dedicated support for features required for a high-performance online feature store, including the LATS performance.

LATS: low Latency, high Availability, high Throughput, scalable Storage

You can read more about RonDB on our blog.


It is brought to you by the MySQL team at Oracle.

Collaborate with us

There are no existing managed databases available today with these attributes. Would you like to be part of it? Feel free to contribute!

Copyright (c) 2000, 2021, Oracle and/or its affiliates.
Copyright (c) 2021, 2021, Logical Clocks AB and/or its affiliates.


This is RonDB, a distribution of NDB Cluster developed and used by Logical Clocks AB. It also contains development branches of RonDB.




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