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A Stream Deck plugin that sends a message to a Discord channel.
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Discord Message Stream Deck Plugin

A Stream Deck Plugin that allows you to configure keys that send messages to Discord text channels.


  • Stream Deck 4.1 or later
  • macOS 10.11+, Windows 10

How to Install

Download a zip file from Releases and extract it to find a .streamDeckPlugin file inside.

Open that file and the Stream Deck app will prompt you to install the plugin. When the plugin is installed, it will add the "Discord Message" action to the "Custom" section at the bottom of the Action List in the Stream Deck App.

How to use

This plugin sends messages to Discord by posting to a Webhook. See Intro to Webhooks to learn how to add a Webhook to your server.

Copy the Webhook URL and paste it into the "Webhook" text field when you're configuring your Stream Deck key. When you press the key, the message will be sent to the channel that you configured in your Webhook on Discord. The username and avatar for the message will be the name and icon you configured for that Webhook.

You can use the same Webhook for as many keys as you would like and all of those keys will send their configured message to the same text channel. If you would like to send a message to a different channel, you will need to configure another Webhook for that channel.

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