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smart quotes #20

dherman opened this Issue · 4 comments

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It'd be so sweet to automatically infer smart quotes and turn them into curly quotes in the generated HTML.



Can you provide an example? Are you talking about quotes in the markdown or quotes in the jade?


More importantly in the markdown. For example, Octopress supports this (which I'm guessing means it's implemented by Jekyll -- not sure, haven't looked under the hood).

An example would be, the .md file:

Alice said, "Hi Bob."

rendering as:

Alice said, “Hi Bob.”



Codex uses marked for markdown parsing. I went straight to using the lexer/parse as I don't recall it having "options" when I first started. I'll refactor my approach and hopefully that will resolve this.


Refactoring this approach didn't seem to help. If you can find a way to configure marked to do this, then I would be more than happy to implement as an option.

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