Utilities for creating GAMBY content: fonts, sprites, etc.
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gamby.tools README

This repository contains software tools for the creation of content for the GAMBY LCD/Game shield.


*Warning: This sketch is incompatible with recent versions of Processing. It needs refactoring.*

This is a Processing sketch for the GAMBY font editing tool. It contains its own usage documentation.

Each character image in the GAMBY font is 32 bits. Bits 0-24 form a 5x5 pixel bitmap (by column); bits 25-27 are the character's vertical offset (so descenders actually descend, etc.); and bits 28-31 are the character's width.


This is a tool for converting image files to and from GAMBY code. The file, gamby.py, can either be used as a command-line tool or imported into Python as a package for use in your own code.