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A tool for copying iTunes tracks to a non-Apple device (e.g. an Android phone) under MacOS X. Beyond simply copying, this tool 'freshens' the music on the device; a percentage of the device's existing audio tracks (33% by default) are replaced by new ones from the iTunes library.

Of course, freshening only works if the device only stores a subset of the music available. 128GB MicroSD in phones is an inevitability.

This was just a personal project that I thought might benefit others. There are no warranties, guarantees, or technical support plans.

The main file,, implements iTunesLibrary and MusicMover classes. The file, implements a subclass of MusicMover with a basic Tk interface.


The main script is executable, and provides standard CLI help messages. The best way to use the tool is to create a shell script (or executable Python) that calls with the appropriate arguments (the path to your specific device, mounted as a USB drive, et cetera).


  • Keep a history of music that's been on the phone, so a second freshening doesn't restore things that were previously on the device.
  • Only remove files from the device that are in the iTunes library, to avoid deleting items copied manually from another source.
  • Burn backups of a library to DVD-R. MusicMover.partition() will split a playlist into appropriately-sized chunks, but nothing else. See about actually burning discs, possibly via osascript.


A tool for copying iTunes tracks to a non-Apple device (e.g. an Android phone)



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