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A fairly simple module for the SilverStripe CMS which rolls up the contents of child pages for display on a single page.


Have you ever found yourself trying to decide if you should have a single page of content with multiple headings, or a series of pages in a heirarchy. This module lets you set up your content as distinct pages in the page tree, and then flip between structures using a single radio button.


composer require "logicbrush/silverstripe-rolluppage"


This module defines a new page class of type Logicbrush\RollupPage\Model\RollupPage. When you create an instance of this page type, all of the children of that instance will have their content displayed inline -- "rolled up" -- with the output of the page.


Rollup Pages

  • Content/Main Content/Rollup Display:

    When set to "Show children inline", the content of the child pages will be embedded into the Rollup Page's content one after another.

    If set to "Show children in tabs", a set of tabs will be displayed that allows the visitor to switch back and forth between the content of the child pages.

    If set to "Show children as links", a list of links to the child pages will be displayed.

Children of Rollup Pages

  • Settings/Behavior/Visibility/Never Rollup:

    If checked, this will prevent the page from ever being rolled up into a parent RollupPage.