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Command line pomodoro timer
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A Unix command line pomodoro timer.


./pomodoro will start a pomodoro timer that will last, by default, for 25 minutes.

When pomodoro is supplied with an argument, it will last that number of minutes. For example, if you wanted a pomodoro that lasted 15 minutes, you would type ./pomodoro 15.

30 seconds before the pomodoro is about to finish, it will use notify-send to send a notification saying that there are "30 seconds left".

It's also possible, thanks to the command line, to use this timer in conjunction with other programs. This example will lock your computer (if you're using the i3 window manager) once the pomodoro has ended.

./pomodoro && i3lock

Thanks to the pomodoro outputting to stdout, as explained below, you can log the number of pomodoros you have done to a file.

./pomodoro >> pomodoro_log.txt

You can combine these two things to log and lock.

./pomodoro >> pomodoro_log.txt && i3lock

Output Format

When the pomodoro terminates, whether that is naturally or with Ctrl+C, then it will output to stdout in the following format: YY-mm-dd:HH-MM-SS:SECONDS.

Example: 2017-05-27:15-29-15:1500.

Therefore, the three sections are DATE:TIME:SECONDS. The date-time is the time at which the pomodoro started and SECONDS is the number of seconds that the pomodoro lasted for.


Jordan Lord


GNU General Public License Version 3

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