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An iA Writer inspired color scheme. It has support for vim, vim airline, vim lightline, tmux and urxvt/xterm.
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An iA Writer inspired theme. The files can be used indepently:

  • Vim color scheme (typewriter.vim)
  • Vim airline theme (typewriter-airline.vim)
  • Vim lightline theme (lightline.vim)
  • Xresources color scheme (typewriter.Xresources)
  • Tmux theme (typewriter-tmux)



  • You can use your vim plugin manager of choice
  • Or manually
    • copy colors/*.vim to ~/.vim/colors/
    • copy autoload/airline ~/.vim/autoload/
  • Add this to .vimrc
    " Set typewriter as colorscheme
    colorscheme typewriter
    " Set typewriter airline theme
    let g:airline_theme = 'typewriter'
    " Activate FOCUS mode with F12
    nmap <F12> :Goyo <bar> Limelight!!<CR>"
    " Change the cursor from block to i-beam in INSERT mode
    let &t_SI = "\e[5 q"
    let &t_EI = "\e[1 q"
    augroup myCmds
      autocmd VimEnter * silent !echo -ne "\e[1 q"
    augroup END

Extra configs for tmux & Xresources

  • Add this line to .Xresources #include "/home/your_user/typewriter/typewriter.Xresources"
  • Add this line to .tmux.conf run-shell "/home/your_user/typewriter/typewriter-tmux/nord.tmux"



gui vim

vim focus mode

fake bussy

typewriter night vim

typewriter night vim focus mode

typewriter night gui vim

The font used in the screenshots is SF Mono 12 with letter space of -1 and line space of 8.

  # .Xresources file
  URxvt*letterSpace   : -1
  URxvt*lineSpace     : 8

or if you use gVim o MacVim

  # .gvimrc file
  set linespace = 8


  • Finish the night themes
  • Finish xresources night theme
  • Finish tmux night theme



Typewriter is based/inspired by these projects

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