Because it's more fun to program than to do homework.
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Quick but surprisingly not too dirty program intending to aid me in doing my Chemistry homework. Because programming is far more fun than actually doing my homework.

Note that I'm only in Chem 1 so far so this is pretty basic, and will likely remain so for a while. But I'll probably stick a few things in there as I progress.

Only a command line interface at the moment and that's all I really care to do.

Basic idea for the interface is, there will be a menu then a prompt, and you make your selection by typing what's before the ending parenthesis. When prompted without a menu, basic help or comments will be in parentheses and the default action (when you press enter without typing anything) will be in brackets. If no default action is listed, assume it's "cancel".

When it asks for an element, enter the symbol (eg. H for Hydrogen). If you don't know the symbol, use the lookup function from the main menu. Name lookups are case insensitive, but spelling counts!