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Mahjongg Map Tool

Tool to compile, verify, and install maps for Mahjongg (found in GNOME Games).

See --help for command line help.

All map formats may have comments via the # symbol preceding the comment.

You can define the author and map name in comments with Author: and Map: at the beginning of the comment (respectively). (Spaces before them don't matter.)

You may also mark the end of file with #* on its own line.

Note that maps are required to have exactly 144 tiles.

Numbers as depth

Example file: awesome.txt

Simplest format, where numbers represent how many tiles are stacked on that space. The position of the tile is the column/row in the text. You may use numbers, space acts as 0, unicode's mahjong set, or the progressively filled blocks.

To display them (from 0-9):

  • 0123456789
  • 0123456789
  • 🀆🀇🀈🀉🀊🀋🀌🀍🀎🀏
  • 🀆🀐🀑🀒🀓🀔🀕🀖🀗🀘
  • 🀆🀙🀚🀛🀜🀝🀞🀟🀠🀡
  • ▁▂▃▄▅▆▇█

All other mahjong pieces act as 0, too.

*grams for fine depth

Example file: overpass.txt

In unicode there are monograms, digrams, trigrams, and hexgrams used to represent some simple eastern concepts. Most notably seen on the Korean flag. You can use these to represent inconsistent stacks of tiles. Not gonna list them here though there's too many.

Supports a depth of up to six.


  • Sapphire Becker (


Mahjongg (Gnome Games) map management tool




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