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LogKit 2

@justinpawela justinpawela released this
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LogKit 2 is a complete overhaul of the LogKit framework. LogKit 2 comes with new and enhanced Endpoints, watch OS compatibility, and more detailed logging information.


  • Swift 2 and Xcode 7 support
  • watchOS support
  • Rotating File Endpoint - switches to a new file when the current file approaches a maximum size
  • More Log Entry properties, including OS version, device model/type, and device IDs
  • A variety of built-in datetime and entry formatting options, which are easily extended


  • Many objects have been renamed:
    • LXLogEndpoint is now LXEndpoint
    • LXLogConsoleEndpoint is now LXConsoleEndpoint
    • LXLogFileEndpoint is now LXFileEndpoint
    • LXLogDatedFileEndpoint is now LXDatedFileEndpoint
    • LXLogHTTPEndpoint is now LXHTTPEndpoint
    • LXLogHTTPJSONEndpoint is now LXHTTPJSONEndpoint
    • LXLogLevel is now LXPriorityLevel
    • LXLogEntryFormatter is now LXEntryFormatter
  • The LXLogEntry property logLevel has been renamed to level
  • The JSON Endpoint's behavior has been updated in several ways:
    • The level property is now included as level (instead of logLevel)
    • The userInfo property is now included as a dictionary under the userInfo key
    • Uploads now consist of a JSON dictionary, with an item entries that includes an array of Log Entries
  • Date and entry formatting are now performed by LXDateFormatter and LXEntryFormatter objects
    • Each formatter object now has a variety of built-in output formats
  • The Console Endpoint may now be set as synchronous or asynchronous at init time, and will never jumble log entries
    • The Serial Console Endpoint has been removed. Use the Console Endpoint asynchronously instead
  • The Dated File Endpoint now rotates to a new file automatically at midnight UTC
  • The HTTP and JSON Endpoints now persist pending entries until successful upload, so that log messages will not get lost on a bad network
    • Entries are also persisted between application runs, so that remaining entries may be uploaded at next run