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import logging.handlers
from pythonjsonlogger import jsonlogger
import datetime
import ssl
class JsonFormatter(jsonlogger.JsonFormatter, object):
def __init__(self,
fmt="%(asctime) %(name) %(processName) %(filename) %(funcName) %(levelname) %(lineno) %(module) %(threadName) %(message)",
extra={}, *args, **kwargs):
self._extra = extra
jsonlogger.JsonFormatter.__init__(self, fmt=fmt, datefmt=datefmt, *args, **kwargs)
def process_log_record(self, log_record):
# Enforce the presence of a timestamp
if "asctime" in log_record:
log_record["timestamp"] = log_record["asctime"]
log_record["timestamp"] = datetime.datetime.utcnow().strftime("%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S.%fZ%z")
if self._extra is not None:
for key, value in self._extra.items():
log_record[key] = value
return super(JsonFormatter, self).process_log_record(log_record)
# Derive from object to force a new-style class and thus allow super() to work
# on Python 2.6
class LogmaticHandler(logging.handlers.SocketHandler, object):
"""Python logging handler. Sends events over TCP.
:param host: The host of the server.
:param port: The port of the server (default 10514).
def __init__(self, logmaticKey, host="", port=10515, ssl=True):
super(LogmaticHandler, self).__init__(host, port)
self.ssl = ssl
self.logmaticKey = logmaticKey
def makeSocket(self, timeout=1):
s = super(LogmaticHandler, self).makeSocket(timeout)
if self.ssl:
socket = ssl.wrap_socket(s)
socket = s
return socket
def makePickle(self, record):
return self.logmaticKey.encode() + " ".encode() + self.formatter.format(record).encode() + "\n".encode()
# Allow SyslogHandler to emit in Json with a prefix (for instance appname)
class SysLogJsonHandler(logging.handlers.SysLogHandler, object):
# Override constructor
def __init__(self, address=('localhost', logging.handlers.SYSLOG_UDP_PORT),
facility=logging.handlers.SysLogHandler.LOG_USER, socktype=None, prefix=""):
super(SysLogJsonHandler, self).__init__(address, facility, socktype)
self._prefix = prefix
if self._prefix != "":
self._prefix = prefix + ": "
# Override format method to handle prefix
def format(self, record):
return self._prefix + super(SysLogJsonHandler, self).format(record)