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SOASTA's OpenSource libraries


Code and examples from our Tutorial on beyond page level metrics

Updated May 22, 2015

LogNormal's github pages

Updated Aug 28, 2014

Static boomerang files for

Updated Jun 9, 2014


Proxy API shim for

Updated Dec 5, 2012

Shell 1 1


forked from bluesmoon/config

Config files I use

Updated Oct 26, 2012

JavaScript 0 1


forked from bluesmoon/node-line-input-stream

Convert a Node.JS Readable Stream into a Line Buffered Input Stream

Updated Sep 4, 2012

JavaScript 3 494


forked from tobie/ua-parser

A JS port of Browserscope's user agent parser.

Updated Aug 22, 2012

JavaScript 3 183


forked from flatiron/cradle

a high-level CouchDB client for Node.js

Updated Apr 11, 2012


Documentation for using Log-Normal's real user performance monitoring system

Updated Feb 1, 2012

JavaScript 2 176


forked from bluesmoon/node-geoip

Native NodeJS implementation of MaxMind's GeoIP API -- works in node 0.5.4, aske me about other versions

Updated Jan 25, 2012

JavaScript 3 2


forked from bluesmoon/node-prettydate

Pretty date formatting for Node.JS

Updated Sep 14, 2011

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