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Move the "core" plugins into their own files #2

vikstrous opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I don't want to have the bandwidth plugin and I don't think I should have to carve it out of the boomerang.js myself to remove it. Please allow all plugins to be optional by moving them into their own files. It would also be nice if plugins were in a "plugins" folder so it's clear which .js files in the root are plugins.


I agree. The only reason rt.js and bw.js are baked in was to make it easy for early implementers to get up and running. I think we're way past that stage now. I'll get to it soon.


Fixed in b81acf7

No idea why github didn't automatically reference it.

@bluesmoon bluesmoon closed this
@jlbfalcao jlbfalcao referenced this issue from a commit
@bluesmoon bluesmoon Split bandwidth and rt plugins into separate files
This patch fixes #2

The core plugins no longer need to be in the boomerang.js file.  We hope
that at this point most people using boomerang have a build process
where they combine and minify their JavaScript, and this should be done
at that step.

The Makefile will by default include rt.js and bw.js, but this can be
overridden on the command line while running make.
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