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Open source test management and automation software
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Logo Tedam

Logo Tedam is an open source test management and automation software. Logo Tedam can be used to create test cases, test sets and store test data. Test sets can be assigned to clients running Logo Tedam Agent software. Test execution results are stored on the Logo Tedam Server.


Demo Video

Watch the demo

Try It

On a Linux box with docker and docker-compose execute the following:

mkdir tedamdata
docker-compose up -d

tedamdata folder will hold the mysql data files.


Use the following credentials:
User Name: admin
Password: 2018tedaM



The following technologies are used in the project:

What is so special about Logo Tedam?

Logo Tedam brings a new perspective to test automation:

  • It organizes all UI interactions under action items and couples them with test data
  • Its flexible architecture can be extended to support new action items
  • It can support many scripting languages and frameworks
  • It uses test steps and data as metadata/pseudo code to generate actual test script at runtime

Who can use Logo Tedam?

Logo Tedam is used by Logo Business Solutions for test automation of its own software products. Originally it was created for test automation of J-Platform which is a full-fledged ERP solution using Java Web Start technology. Later it evolved to support HTML based web applications too. Logo Tedam currently supports only automated test execution.

User Guides

Project Guidelines

Read the related wiki pages to learn about:

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