Supporting code for atari presentation at Chicago open-source, open-mic 11/5/2015
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Atari VCS Programming Demo

These are the supporting files for the lightning talk I did on Atari VCS (2600) programming for the Open-Source, Open-mic meetup on November 5th 2015

The slides are available on speakerdeck


The demo itself is a simple example of creating asymmetric playfields. The intent is to show the precise timing needed for atari scanline kernels (for fun change the SLEEP 6 on line 53 of demo.asm to SLEEP 7 and reload the binary)

Compiling and installing

You'll need to install Stella to run the demo You'll also need a copy of DASM (this was written against 2.20.11)

the command line I used (mac/linux) to compile (assumes your default roms directory for stella is at ../roms):

prog=demo; dasm ${prog}.asm -s${prog}.sym -l${prog}.lst -o${prog}.bin -f3 -v5 && cp ${prog}.{bin,lst,sym} ../roms/


At the end of the talk I provided some links to further information, here they are: