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Flicker Data Downloader - tool for downloading all photos from all sets of single (authenticated) user on Flickr
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Flicker Data Downloader - quick (& probably dirty) tool for downloading all photos from all sets of single (authenticated) user on Flickr

Written in PHP with use of OAuth library, intended to run on a local computer as a CLI script, not on a web server.

At first run it authenticates user on Flickr using the standard OAuth procedure mentioned in Flick API documentation, with the exception, that no callback URL is used (again - this is not supposed to be running on a web server), instead "oob" (out-of-band) method is used, requiring user to copy/paste verification code from website to the script when asked. After the script gets access token/secret from server, both are stored to the same directory as the script in oauth.conf and used ever after.

The script itself is quite heavily commented (at least for my code), so just quick explanation of what it does:

  1. Gets User ID of currently authenticated user.
  2. Gets list of all photosets (albums) of that user.
  3. For every photoset a local directory is created (funny characters from album name are removed).
  4. Goes through all photos from all these sets.
  5. For every photo gets list of all available sizes.
  6. Downloads the first existing photo size from $pref_sizes array (from left to right, so it's a good idea to put "Original" on the last place, because there's always an original of the photo). The name of the local photo file is either it's Flickr title or date taken (when photo has no title; again no funny characters), extension is used from the Flickr photo URL.

Notice: You are required to edit first three PHP code lines - you need to specify your timezone and provide API token/secret. You can get these on Flickr by registering your app and Flickr API won't talk to you without them.

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