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package api
import (
type (
// Client interface provides all api functionality in one interface.
Client interface {
// Close allows to close connection to the server and to free all resources
Close() error
// Select is a helper function which allows to perform one or many requests to
// the server. The function supports 2 modes - limited select and stream mode, that
// are controlled by streamMode flag
// The limited select is used when streamMode=false. In this mode Select will
// return requested number of records, or all records whatever is less. The limit must
// be explicitly set in qr.Limit param, which will overwrite value specified in qr.Query
// In stream mode records will be read until the Select is interrupted. So the number
// of records in the result is not limited at all. In stream mode qr.Limit is used
// as a parameter for reading the number of records in one batch request. So the value
// should not be big (hundreds or thousands records). When the end of result stream
// is reached, the function will not be over, but it continues to read records using
// qr.WaitTimeout value for waiting the new records. In stream mode the function
// is over only when context is closed or an error happens while the query is executed.
// The results of read operations will be passed to the handler, a call-back function.
// Select will call handler any time when it could make a query to the server and there
// is no communication errors
// The function returns error if the query was unsuccessful by any reason.
func Select(ctx context.Context, querirer Querier, qr *QueryRequest, streamMode bool,
handler func(res *QueryResult)) error {
res := &QueryResult{}
limit := qr.Limit
timeout := qr.WaitTimeout
for ctx.Err() == nil && limit > 0 {
qr.Limit = limit
qr.WaitTimeout = timeout
err := querirer.Query(ctx, qr, res)
if err != nil {
return err
if res.Err != nil {
return res.Err
if len(res.Events) != 0 {
qr = &res.NextQueryRequest
if !streamMode {
limit -= len(res.Events)
if len(res.Events) == 0 {
return nil
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