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@kdudka kdudka released this Dec 2, 2016 · 169 commits to master since this release

  • Add taboopat configuration directive to exclude configuration files based on globing patterns.
  • Allow to change default state path at build time (via the --with-state-file-path option of the configure script).
  • Automatically determine resulting file suffix based on the compression program in use.
  • Preserve SELinux context with compress and sharedscripts properly.
  • Rename already existing output files to avoid collisions.
  • Import systemd service and timer for logrotate from openSUSE.
  • Introduce the addextension configuration directive.
  • Create with instructions for logrotate contributors.
  • Maintain instead of the legacy CHANGES file.
  • Make createolddir configuration directive preserve sticky bit.
  • Add minage configuration directive to specify minimum file age to rotate.
  • Avoid using local implementation of strndup() and asprintf() if these functions are available at build time.
  • Fix parsing of su directive to accept usernames starting with numeric symbols.
  • Make sure that 64-bit file offsets are used on 32-bit systems.
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