Monitor Cisco ASA devices
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Monitor Cisco ASA and PIX family devices in a few quick easy step


The CiscoApp contains 4 main workspaces to give your insight into your network traffic

* Home - Overview of Syslog Messages 
* Traffic - Charts that help with the analysis of incoming and out going connections
* Interface - A break down of your messages by interface type
* Bandwidth - Address, Protocol and Port views of bandwidth utilization 


Using Logscape Syslog Server

The Logscape Manager runs a Syslog server on these ports

tcp MANAGER:1468
udp MANAGER:1514

Set up your Cisco ASA device to the Logscape Syslog Server. Logscape Syslog Server will collect and store your Cisco data in the following location


Modify your Syslog Server Data Source

In this step you will need to update your syslog-server data sources. Add the tag to your data source


This tag identifies your Syslog data as Cisco Syslog messages.

Cisco Home

Cisco Denied Traffic

Cisco Denied GeoIP

Cisco Traffic

cisco Bandwidth

Cisco Anomaly