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contributing to the cookbook
  • Goal: Learn how to contribute to this cookbook.
  • Audience: Folks willing to share experience in logstash.

You can help!

This site is open to anyone wanting to share tricks, configurations, and production experience with logstash.

In general, every page here is a single page written in markdown. Articles format themselves using javascript, so you don't have to worry much about that. You get a table of contents for free for any headers.

Simple Markdown

You might also find these links useful for markdown references:

Including Files

You can include files by putting {% include_code the_file_name %} on a line by itself. It will look like this:

{% include_code recipes/example/example.txt %}

Embedding HTML

Since this is just markdown, you can embed html by putting blank lines around the start and end.

Full Example

You can view any of the markdown files for this site to see how the article is done. As an example, check out this example. Here's the code for that example:

{% include_code recipes/example/ %}

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