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Chat Started: 05-13-2011 14:58:53
Chat Log:
David L: Please hold on while I have a look at the information you have provided.
David L: I am going to create a case and then I will send you an email. Please respond to the email with a picture or two of the garbled text.
You: Cool, thank you.
David L: Ok, I have just sent out the email.
You: Cool, I just took a couple pictures.
David L: Have you sent them? What is your order number please?
You: /me digging that up
You: Ok, email reply sent.
You: 5259294
You: That's the bad order.
David L: ok please hold
You: It looks like it's a missing font.
You: I used the same PDF for both orders.
You: I also have another order in process, 5277865.
You: It would be great if we could catch that one from also being garbled.
David L: You can cancel orders within 1 hour of having placed them. If you still have time, log into your account and cancel the latest order
You: Too late.
You: Can you do it?
David L: No we cannot. We are a print on demand company and the files are sent out to our printers after an hour of an order having been placed.
David L: Please hold while I look at your photos and files
You: Thanks.
David L: Was the garbled text just at the beginning of the Gospel according to Luke?
You: Nope, throughout.
You: Every page.
You: Need more photos?
David L: The other picture you showed me, was that version 2 of your book project?
You: That's the hardback.
You: OID given in the email
You: Expected:
You: Actual:
You: expected == good == hardcover
You: actual == bad == paperback
David L: Ok, I will place a reorder for you
David L: It looks like a printing error
You: Okay.
You: Who is your printer?
You: And is there any way we can ensure that my current order comes out okay?
David L: Please hold I am talking to someone about your case.
You: Cool, thanks.
David L: We have discussed this print issue and a member of our print team will have to take a closer look at your pdf file. We cannot resolve this situation right now in chat and this member of our print team will be in contact with you via email.
You: Cool, thanks David!
David L: You are more than welcome. Do not worry. We will get to the bottom of what is causing the garbled text. Have a good weekend.
You: Thanks, you too.
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