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⚛️ Opinionated scalable react boilerplate using webpack


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Design Pattern

Learn the design pattern here


Quick Start

# install nodejs with specific version
$ nvm install 12.6.3

# using specific nodejs
$ nvm use 12.6.3

# clone repository
$ git clone

# open folder read
$ cd read

# instal dependencies
$ pnpm install

# build and serve with express
$ pnpm start

Run with Docker

# build image and tag it with name read
$ docker build . -t read

# run image read in the background with port 9900
$ docker run -p 9900:9900 -d read

How to Create Folder

A guide how to create a folder using create-cli


# create atom component and give it name loading
$ node create atom loading


# create new module and give it name home
$ node create module home

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