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Basic Installation

Snorkel is now available as a pypi package with binaries for common commands.

pip install snorkel-lite
snorkel.add_user <username>
PORT=2333 snorkel.frontend

The pypi package comes with several binaries in the snorkel. prefix, including snorkel.ingest, snorkel.query, snorkel.frontend, snorkel.add_user and snorkel.get_user_token. All of these commands will run out of ~/.local/share/snorkel, so if you use snorkel.ingest, it will create a new db dir in that location.

Ingesting Data

snorkel.ingest -table <table> < some_data.json

Note: Make sure that your data has a time field in seconds since the epoch

Custom Configuration

For a custom deploy and configuration see the snorkel.deploy repository for instructions on installing and deploying snorkel. A custom deploy lets you create dataset presenters which are able to customize the views available on a per dataset basis

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