columnar storage + NoSQL OLAP engine
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Sybil is an append only analytics datastore with no up front table schema requirements; just log JSON records to a table and run queries. Written in Go, sybil is designed for fast full table scans of multi-dimensional data on a single machine.

more documentation is available on the wiki and in the repo.

if sybil by itself is uninteresting (who wants to run command line queries, anyways?), sybil is a supported backend for snorkel


  • Easy to setup and get data inside sybil - just pipe JSON on stdin to sybil
  • Supports histograms (and percentiles), standard deviations and time series roll ups
  • Runs fast full table queries (performance notes)
  • Lower disk usage through per column compression schemes
  • Serverless design with controlled memory usage
  • Per table retention policies (specify max age and/or size of tables)
  • Per block query cache (optional) that avoids recomputation


  • JOINS not supported
  • No UPDATE operation on data - only writes
  • No sharding


go get

additional information