Simple adapter for connecting a RRD GLCD to a Smoothieboard
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Smoothieboard GLCD Shield

Licensed under the CERN Open Hardware License version 1.2

This simple pcb makes connecting the common Reprap Discount GLCD Screen to a Smoothieboard very easy. It has an optional footprint for a 5V regulator to make sure the screen gets enough power. Information on how to configure Smoothieware for use with a display panel can be found here:

The only truly required component other than the connectors is a schottky diode such as SK310A.

Bill of Materials:

2x SK310A (or similar) SMA schottky diodes to protect voltage inputs from reverse flow
2x 0.1uF 0603 capacitors
1x R78E5.0-0.5 switching voltage regulator
2x 2x5 0.1" shrouded male header
1x 1x3 0.1" male breakaway header
1x 0.1" jumper
2x 2x3 0.1" female header
2x 1x3 0.1" female header
1x 1x4 0.1" female header
1x 1x5 0.1" female header
1x 1x6 0.1" stacking female header (or just a 1x3 female header)