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LogZilla Triggers

The default list of Triggers included out of the box contain the following with more added every release (every 2 weeks):

  • Cisco: Most Actionable Events (note: this trigger contains almost 1000 of Cisco's top "Actionable" events!)
  • Cisco: Spanning Tree BPDU
  • Cisco: ASIC Module Error
  • Cisco: OSPF Neighbor Change
  • Cisco: Non IPSec-encapsulated Crypto
  • Cisco: Crypto IKE Message Failure
  • Cisco: ASIC Port Error
  • Cisco: IPSec Error - Packet Missing from SADB
  • Cisco: Crypto Packet Security Association Missing
  • Cisco: Crypto Packet failed MAC verification
  • Cisco: OSPF process received an invalid packet
  • Cisco: Error disabled port has been reenabled
  • Cisco: OSPF received LSA with wrong mask
  • Cisco: HSRP VIP does not match the standby VIP
  • Cisco: Unauthorized connection attempt on a secure port.
  • Cisco: OSPF Hello Unidentified Sender
  • Cisco: Interface disabled due to misconfiguration
  • Cisco: Spanning Tree BPDU received from another bridge
  • Windows: Process Started
  • Windows: User Logon
  • Windows: User Fileshare Accesses
  • Windows: New Service Installed
  • Windows: New Network Connection Established
  • Windows: File Added/Modified/Deleted
  • Windows: New Registry Item Added
  • Windows: Powershell Execution
  • Windows: New Scheduled Task Added
  • Windows: New Firewall Rule Added
  • Cisco: Duplex Mismatch
  • Cisco: DTP Port Channel
  • Cisco: Audit Logging
  • Cisco: Spanning Tree Root Change


LogZilla Triggers are stored in standard JSON format.


logzilla triggers import -I mytriggers.json


logzilla triggers export -O mytriggers.json