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Logz.io Community Code of Conduct, Terms, and all that necesary stuff

Code of Conduct


This document outlines our Code of Conduct when participating in the Logz.io Community forums, Github repos, Meetups, or other events, as well as how to report code of conduct violations. The gist is just this:

Logz.io is committed to creating and maintaining a diverse and harassment free area for all people to freely and respectfully exchange ideas regardless of (draws deep breath): gender, sexual orientation, disability, mental illness, place of origin, age, religious beliefs or lack thereof, body size, race, or other factors of physical appearance. Sexual misconduct—including making sexualized remarks or sharing sexualized images—is also not appropriate. Anyone found to be in violation of these may be sanctioned or outright banned, depending on the frequency and severity of the transgression(s). Participants who are expelled from a paid event due to a code of conduct violation might not receive a refund—this will be under discretion of the event organizers.

What We Want to See

We want everyone to be able to work together in a collaborative environment. Some focus points:

  • First and foremost: be kind. We're not all at the same points in our careers or even in the same careers. The main goal of a collaborative environment is for ideas to be exchanged that are new to somebody, so please take care to be sensitive to that. To that end, please also remember that it's incredibly difficult to always distinguish between sarcastic and serious when communicating online, especially across cultures. To that end, please always be courteous if it seems like something you hoped would be witty has fallen flat.
  • Respect cultural differences. The global community might feel small on a digital landscape, but different cultures and languages can make it difficult to interact smoothly. While most of our materials and discussion are in English, for some English is a second (or even third) language, and some may be relying heavily on translation tools when communicating with you.
  • Respect time zones. We don't all live in the same time zone, so it might take a sleep cycle, or a work + sleep cycle, in someone else's time zone for them to get back to you.
  • Be supportive. When you give feedback, please try to stick to constructive criticism rather than simply criticism. Buffer has a guide for giving feedback that is definitely worth a read—both for giving and receiving feedback with coworkers, or when interacting with members of the Logz.io Community.
  • Collaborate. See a project you like or a discussion that suits you? Jump right in, that's what Logz.io Community is all about! Feel free to use the tools at your disposal to reach out to one another and discuss technical challenges of mutual interest.

What we don't want to see

A few things that probably go without saying, but we're saying them anyway:

  • No blatant or subtle discrimination.
  • No direct or implied threats.
  • No unwelcome sexual attention.
  • No deliberate intimidation.
  • No support of any of the above.

How to Report an Issue

If you witness or experience a code of conduct violation, please reach out to us via email, web form, or Slack as appropriate. When reporting, include all available information. For example, a link to a comment thread on Github or in Slack, if the issue occurred online. Logz.io will always work toward a positive solution for all parties, but the safety and security of the community is our primary goal. As such, Logz.io reserves the right to remove any offending individuals from participation in forums, Slack, GitHub, events, etc.

How to Report via Email or Web

You can reach us at community@logz.io or anonymously via our web form.

How to Report on Slack

This method should only be used if the policy violation happens in our Slack org. Please either DM the admins (@quintessence and @daniel) or report via email or web as above. If you need to link to a message in Slack, please find and share the message and copy the link, as shown:

Slack share message button

Slack copy a message link

Policy violations in our Slack org don't need to be reported in Slack. If you submit a policy violation from Slack to either our email alias or via the form, please still include a link to the violation so we can find it and handle it efficiently.

Your Code of Conduct, A History

This Code of Conduct is based on the open sourced Conference anti-harassment/Policy available on the Geek Feminism Wiki, as well as drawing on inspiration from the Cloud Foundry Community and Buffer codes of conduct.