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Gem Version plugin for Fluentd

With fluent-plugin-logzio you will be able to use as output the logs you collect with Fluentd.


fluent-plugin-logzio Fluentd Ruby
>= 0.0.15 >= v0.14.0 >= 2.1
< 0.0.15 >= v0.12.0 >= 1.9

Getting Started

  • Install Fluentd
  • gem install fluent-plugin-logzio
  • Make sure you have an account with
  • Configure Fluentd as below:

FluentD 1.0-style Example Configuration

This is an example only. Your needs in production may vary!

    <match **>
      @type logzio_buffered


      output_include_time true
      output_include_tags true
      http_idle_timeout 10

          @type memory
          flush_thread_count 4
          flush_interval 3s
          chunk_limit_size 16m      # bulk limit is decoupled from chunk_limit_size. Set whatever you want.
          queue_limit_length 4096

FluentD 0.12-style Example Configuration

This is an example only. Your needs in production may vary!

    <match your_match>
      @type logzio_buffered
      output_include_time true
      output_include_tags true
      output_tags_fieldname @log_name
      buffer_type    file
      buffer_path    /path/to/buffer/file
      flush_interval 10s
      buffer_chunk_limit 64m   # bulk limit is decoupled from buffer_chunk_limit. Set whatever you want.


  • endpoint_url the url to input where xxx-xxxx... is your access token, and my_type is the type of your logs in
  • output_include_time should the appender add a timestamp to your logs on their process time. (recommended).
  • output_include_tags should the appender add the fluentd tag to the document, called "fluentd_tag" (which can be renamed, see next point).
  • output_tags_fieldname set the tag's fieldname, defaults to "fluentd_tag".
  • http_idle_timeout timeout in seconds that the http persistent connection will stay open without traffic.
  • retry_count How many times to resend failed bulks. Defaults to 4 times.
  • retry_sleep How long to sleep initially between retries, exponential step-off. Initial default is 2s.
  • bulk_limit Limit to the size of the upload bulk. Defaults to 1000000 bytes leaving about 24kB for overhead.
  • bulk_limit_warning_limit Limit to the size of the warning message when a record exceeds bulk_limit to prevent a recursion when Fluent warnings are sent to the output. Defaults to nil (no truncation).
  • proxy_uri Your proxy uri. Default is nil. For example: "my.ip:12345".
  • proxy_cert Your proxy cert. Default is nil.
  • gzip should the plugin ship the logs in gzip compression. Default is false.

Plugin metrics:

Metric Name Description Type Example
logzio_status_codes Status codes received from Gauge logzio_status_codes{type="logzio_buffered",plugin_id="out_logzio",status_code="500"}

Release Notes

  • 0.2.2:
    • Bug fix - add require for prometheus client.
  • 0.2.1:
    • Do not retry on 400 and 401. For 400 - try to fix log and resend.
    • Generate a metric (logzio_status_codes) for response codes from
Expand to check old versions
  • 0.2.0: N/A - version was yanked. Please refer to 0.2.1.
  • 0.1.0:
    • Use fluentd's retry instead of retry in code (raise exception on non-2xx response).
  • 0.0.22: Update gem net-http-persistent to 4.x.
  • 0.0.21: Update gem net-http-persistent to 3.x.
  • 0.0.20: Support gzip compression
  • 0.0.18: Support proxy_uri and proxy_cert in the configuration file. Put logzio output plugin class under Fluent::Plugin module and thus work with multi workers.
  • 0.0.17: Optional truncate log messages when they are exceeding bulk size in warning logs
  • 0.0.16: More fluentD 1.0+ adjustments
  • 0.0.15: Support FluentD 1.0+. Split the chunk into bulk uploads, decoupling chunk_limit_size/buffer_chunk_limit from bulk limit. Tunable bulk_limit and initial retry_sleep.
  • 0.0.14: Refactor send function to handle more cases, and retry in case of logzio connection failure.
  • 0.0.13: BREAKING - Removed non-buffered version. It's really not efficient, and should just not be used. If you are using this version, you should change to the buffered one.
  • 0.0.12: Catch exception when parsing YAML to ignore (instead of crash) not valid logs.


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