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yarn.lock data source for Grafana is an official Grafana data source plugin. The plugin allows you to view your metrics in a Grafana instance that you manage.

Install datasource for Grafana

You'll need: Write access to Grafana, API access

1. Install the plugin

Download the plugin to your Grafana server.

grafana-cli plugins install logzio-datasource

2. Configure the plugin

In the Grafana main menu, click the gear, and then select Data Sources.

Click Add data source (upper right of the window) and choose You're taken to the Settings page.

In Url, type your region's base API URL. For more information on finding your account's region, see Account region.

In API Key, paste an API token from the account you want to use.

Leave the Elasticsearch details section as it is— overrides these settings.

Click Save & Test. If the test passes, you can now use as a data source.

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