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A path tracing renderer with a Qt GUI
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Path Tracer

This application implements a pathtracer that renders a cornell box with a shadowed area light, reflections and indirect lighting. I completed this project for an individual coursework submission during my masters degree.

screenshot of the application

Main Features

  • Moveable camera and Qt GUI
  • Toggle direct light, impulse light, indirect light and shadows on and off
  • Threaded rendering - Multiple worker threads are started to compute ray samples - The GUI updates to show the image as it is being rendered - Rendering stats (samples / render time) are shown in the GUI
  • Extra scene items (reflective spheres) can be toggled on and off

How To Run (Mac / Linux)

  • Ensure qt 5 is installed
  • Run
  • Run ./pathtracer


  • Use W,A,S,D,Q and E to move the camera
  • Moving the camera restarts the rendering process
  • Hold left shift to move the camera faster
  • Adjust rendering settings using the UI

Debugging Overlays

I added a number of debugging modes to the renderer during development. I decided to leave them in and make them toggleable from the UI:

  • Pixel view ray directions
  • Hit distance
  • Hit position
  • Surface diffuse color
  • Surface normal durection (y/green is up)
  • Surface emission
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