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Source code for my blog, built using the Gatsby static site generator.

"Screenshot of Blog Homepage"

"Screenshot of example Blog Post"

Technologies Used

The core technologies used are React and Gatsby.

I used a few different technologies to style this site:

  • normalize.css is used to give a more consistent starting point.
  • Typography.js is used to set up the basis for things like font sizes and margins.
  • styled-components is used for a taste of some sweet CSS-in-JS controversy. Oh, and I used it for styling everything else too.

The header / banner uses Trianglify to generate a new cool background every time it is re-rendered. The version of Trianglify that's used on this site is my own fork. The fork removes a lot of the rendering functionality provided by the original library. I found this to be necessary as Gatsby was not able to bundle static binaries. Essentially, the fork makes it so I'm provided with the paths for the background and I use those paths in React to generate an <svg> component. A demo site showcasing Trianglify is available here.

Posts are written in Markdown and converted to HTML using gatsby-transformer-remark which uses remark under the hood. Code blocks are handled by Prism with Solarized Dark as the theme.

For typefaces, I'm using

  • Spectral as my main font (serif);
  • Lato as my secondary font used on headings, buttons, etc (sans-serif);
  • Fira Mono as the monospace font used in code blocks and inline code.

As a substitute for people telling me how bad my code is, I'm using ESLint with the Airbnb ruleset.


Source code for my blog, hosted at




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