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To make all the versions (which it will try to install into
~/public_html/media/public/cll_build/ ) do:


This takes quite a while.  To do it for just one chapter for faster

  ./cll_build -t chapters/05.xml 

This does the whole book but is also much faster:

  ./cll_build -t

There are many possible sub-targets as well, which are specified
with -T, such as:

  ./cll_build -t -T prince_pdf

You can get a complete list of targets via:

  ./cll_build -h


Getting this all working is actually a pretty huge undertaking;
you're almost certainly better off asking Robin Lee Powell for an
account on the appropriate server.




    Normal linux tools probably like tar.  You definitely need wget,
    in particular.

    The actual docbook packages (i.e. the docbook 5.0 XSLT stuff)


    All the Ruby gems mentioned in Gemfile; in fact the normal way to
    do this sort of thing is:

      $ gem install bundler
      $ bundle install

    and that should get all the dependencies for you (although I
    (rlpowell) don't do it that way myself, so this is untested by me
    and you might have to do "bundle exec ..." with your build
    commands or something; regardless, there's only like 3 gem

  PDF Generation

    prince ( )


    ebook-convert (from calibre, but the yum package doesn't really
    work; use the binary install at )

    Xvfb and xvfb-run (fake X for calibre) or a running X server